Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic is bob kraft still dating ricki lander

04-Jun-2017 18:05

This is useful for anyone researching the culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better.You may be going to the Dominican Republic on business, for a visit or even hosting colleagues or clients in your own country.Any of these 3 women have potential to operate under any of the aforementioned formats.....

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The good thing about this girl is that she is easy to spot, so if you play you pay.3- The non asking girl.

These are the sneaky ones since you figure by them not asking, you lucked out and avoided number 2 girl.....sometimes,......

not always, you might be fattened up for the big kill and usually by then you are so caught up....might not be able to refuse her request since you fear losing your dream girl.

I felt the need to ask this question since I just got hit with a bit of a curve ball.

I have been dating my Dominicana for close to 3 years, and for the most part she never asks for anything, so I have provided her with things I figured she could use here and there, but then suddenly the topic of a big tkt item comes up to which I said I was not interested in the purchase and at most I would help with some portion, but not a 100% then the parents home remodeling to which I did not even volunteer, I simply said: That sounds like a family matter you guys need to handle amongst yourself.Remember this is only a very basic level introduction and is not meant to stereotype all Dominican people you may meet!